• Woodgreen Foundation
  • Tobias Attendant Care
  • Spectrum
  • Redwood Shelter
  • Herb Carnegie Foundation
  • True Davidson Acres
  • True Davidson Meals on Wheels
  • Ina Grafton Gage
  • Fragile X
  • PACT
  • East York Collegiate
  • Amici
  • East York Cybernetics (FIRST Robotics Team 907)
  • Massey Centre
  • New Circles
  • East York Strategies
  • REmax Hallmark Breakfast Club
  • Patron of Peruvian Arts
  • Crossroads
  • Transforming Faces
  • About Face International
  • Children's Peace Theatre
  • East York Soccer
  • Project Sunshine
  • Aboriginal Community one Laptop Per Child
  • Amarok Society
  • Blind School in Bangladesh
  • Eye Hospital Ismaili
  • Philip Aziz Centre
  • Shoebox for Seniors
  • Friendship is a natural and willing servant….There is no reason…why the great power of friendship should not be harnessed to do its part in the world’s work.

    Paul Harris, Rotary Founder
  • It is easier to interest men in war than in peace; it therefore requires more moral courage to talk peace than war.

    Paul Harris, Rotary Founder
  • Rotary is Fellowship. Real Fellowship is frank, spontaneous, full of warmth, and if  you want to gauge its depth you will find that it is the difference between “Mister” and “Bill” — “Reverend” and “Jack.

    Frank L. Mulholland, Rotary Club of Toledo, Ohio
  • Without goodwill no system can succeed; with it even an imperfect one can scarcely fail.

    John Nelson, Rotary Club of Montreal, Quebec